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The battle for zero carbon Is fought in a number of arenas, both on land and at sea, creating constant collaboration between organisations, pooling resources and combining expertise in order to find the best solutions in producing power that will not only meet and exceed demand, but also do so safely and responsibly, into the future with balance and scalability.

As this industry continues to grow and gather pace, finding the right talent at the right time is becoming paramount. In addition, as the pool of relevant candidates shrinks through uptake from competitors, companies will have to begin to consider relevant crossover skills and experience, which requires knowledge of the recruitment markets across various parts of the sector.

With our extensive experience recruiting within numerous parts of the energy sector, both offshore and on land, Source Solutions have developed an excellent wide view of the renewables market and how various parts interconnect, giving us the ability to bring confidence to our clients’ recruitment processes.

Source Solutions continue to work closely with reputable organisations across the renewables landscape, dealing with large energy corporates, to installation and maintenance contractors and research and development consultancies, delivering superb service wherever it is needed.

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