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In any market undergoing such consistent change and expansion, there is a real need for the identification and recruitment of skillsets both traditional and emerging, in order to deliver to their clients’ current needs as well as their needs going forward.

The talent market within utilities and infrastructure, is diverse however, in many areas there are real shortages in relevant and available candidates. Added to this, is the issue of many skilled professionals turning towards the renewables and emerging technology markets, leaving essential roles within the more traditional areas of the energy market, even more difficult to fill.

Source Solutions’ approach to recruitment is what makes us a valuable asset in this arena. Not only do we have the necessary experience across a broad range of roles and skillsets, but our committed nature and nimble style, allows us to get under the skin of any difficult specification and work each requirement thoroughly until we have found a solution!

Our ability to provide quality candidates and valuable service across any company department, make us a one-stop-shop for recruitment needs within utilities and infrastructure. Whether your roles are hands-on engineering, management, projects, commercial or technology related, we will work with you to ensure the best possible coverage.​​

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