Why choose Source solutions?

Although many businesses look for the same basic qualities when selecting a recruitment partner, most also have their own standards and ideals when entering into a long term relationship.

Many businesses like to know that an agency’s values compliment their own and that the relationship itself is of importance to the agency.

Below are just a few of the reasons why Source Solutions feel we are the right choice as a recruitment partner. 

We Are Truly Consultative;

At Source Solutions we are driven by our core values, one of which is "Always prioritising quality over quantity". We are able to achieve this by working consultatively, gaining a more in-depth understanding of your business needs and an appreciation of your company’s identity and appeal as an employer.

Working in this way delivers measurably better results, tracked continuously through our conversion ratios.

We Are a Business Partner, Not Just a Service Provider;

We see ourselves as an extension of your in-house recruitment function and deliver our best value when we are able to form strong relationships throughout the business. As a recruitment partner, we are often the first representative of your business to the market and can influence a candidate’s first impression of your brand, it is at this point that a relationship based on mutual trust is vital.

Likewise, we are your link to the market and on-hand to provide salary benchmarking and other valuable market intel. 

We Are Relationship Driven;

Part of being a consultative organisation, is the ability to build highly effective and deep-rooted relationships that work both ways. Key to this is honesty of communication and knowing that both parties can openly express thoughts and ideas as well as discuss process.

Establishing this type of relationship with our clients is of the utmost importance to Source Solutions, as they are the most conducive to long-standing and effective partnerships.


Based on in-depth technical discussions, we utilise our time-honed skills to source with greater accuracy and ensure you receive only profiles that satisfy the most important points outlined in your specification.

Although this can sometimes naturally result in fewer submissions, every profile arrives with the assurances of being both fully relevant as well as professionally screened to ensure that career and personal drivers are aligned with the requirement and the company’s long-term objectives.


The recruitment process can be a challenging one and, for many candidates, a daunting and stressful experience. The process is not always straight forward; often jobseekers’ reasons to move stem from unhappiness in one or more aspects of their working life such as a lack of career progression or professional challenge, a change in personal circumstance or even an issue with their working environment.

A big part of our role, is to understand these motivators and to guide our candidates accordingly. As Consultants, we act as a sounding board offering professional advice, we encourage candidates to consider effects that a move will have outside of work (such as commute or work-life balance) and even actively explore factors such as new locations with them.

Once we have the information with which to empathise fully, we can guide individuals through the process, we can comfort and reassure them on any issues, we can rationalise objectively with them should they have any doubts, based on our knowledge of their motivators and of them as a person.


Challenge us!

Why not pit Source Solutions against your existing PSL on your next vacancy? We are confident in our ability to deliver and to add value based on how we conduct ourselves in line with our core values.

We welcome any opportunity to prove our recruitment expertise – What have you got to lose?